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My New Book Giveaway

I became a member of Goodreads, a great site for people who love good books. As part of their author program, I am giving away ten copies of my new book, Saturday Comes–A Novel of Love and Vodou. If you would like to get one, click HERE.

If you do get one, PLEASE! Be a pal and go to and Goodreads and leave a review. I would be very appreciative! (Promotion starts February 3, 2012).

4 responses to “My New Book Giveaway”

  1. AliceBee says:

    Link does not work. Or is it me?

  2. Sepia Aura says:

    Hi! I’ve tried the link many times and haven’t been able to get anywhere. I think it’s probably broken or not ‘linked’. Will it be fixed soon?

  3. I just went to the link and I see why it might be confusing. Others have contacted me about this same issue. After you enter your information, the only available button to click on says, “add address.” That is confusing. It should say, “submit” or something else. However, if you click on “add address,” it does submit your information. Sorry about that. I have suggested to Goodreads that they consider changing it.

  4. Sadhvi says:

    Hi Carine,
    I just finished your book and will write a post on
    Thanks for sending me a free one…
    I will email you the link.

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