Carine Fabius

Winter 2014 Collection

Here are pics of pieces from my new collection, scanned and posted rather hastily, so please excuse the so-so quality of the photos. The black metal chains are gunmetal. The lime green stones are Afghani turquoise. I am inspired by mixed metals this time around! Each necklace is numbered. If you have questions (measurements, pricing) or are interested in purchasing any of these pieces, please email me through the site’s contact button. Thanks!

The Sweet Africa Line of Jewelry

In December 2009, I visited Africa for the first time, and of course, went shopping for beautiful beads! My new line of necklaces, which incorporates these beads, along with vintage European beads and one-of-kind pendants from around the world, is the newest addition to my Ispiritus Jewelry line. If you would like to purchase a necklace, please email me through the site’s contact button. Thank you!

[Click any image below to view it enlarged and to begin the slideshow. Once the slideshow begins, click on a thumbnail at the bottom of the page to advance forward or backward through the Sweet Africa jewelry gallery.]