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Healthcare: A Privilege or a Right?

I went to a healthcare rally this morning. I wondered if the “just say no” crazies were going to be there but thankfully, only two or three showed up with signs bearing pictures of Obama with a Hitler mustache. I wondered if I should do the universal sign for crazy–you know, point your index finger at your ear and twirl. Then I thought I should just look at them and laugh. And then I felt like crying. Because it’s so not funny that so many Americans consistently vote against their own interests. I know what they’re thinking: Why should I have to help pay for those who can’t? One day, WHEN I’M RICH, I won’t want to be made to share MY wealth.

That’s like moving into an apartment and then living out of boxes for the next ten years because you figure you’ll be moving out and into a bigger place very soon. Not only does that make you cheap, it makes you kind of stupid. And it makes you miss out on what’s happening NOW.

NOW is the time we’re all paying too much for not enough healthcare. I just paid $698 in office visit and lab fees the last time I saw my gynecologist for a simple checkup. That’s just plain wrong, not to mention infuriating.

NOW is the time to take action to help get healthcare reform passed. Don’t just sit on your butt thinking it’s not going to get done; that it’s already too late; or that it’s GOING to get done. Your help is needed. Write letters to your editors, sign petitions, call your legislators, send Obama your thoughts, attend rallies, visit for ideas on what you can do.

I attended a rally this morning and I know the 200 or so of us standing out there in the hot sun inspired a few of the people driving by to get involved!

Here’s something I heard this morning from a registered nurse who spoke: “Whoever says healthcare is a privilege must be living a very privileged life!”

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  1. Catwoman says:

    You go girl! Thanks for the inspiration, the sweat and the possible sun stroke. Taking action, is the way to go.

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